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Reed sensors

Reed sensors von masetec​

Reed sensors do not require energy in the passive state. They therefore operate economically and conserve resources. Due to the countless possibilities of housing design, Reed sensors offer optimal solutions to bring the advantages of a Reed switch into a Plug & Play form.

Use of Reed sensors

Reed sensors are used in a wide range of applications. From the position detection of a refrigerator door to the external adjustment of a pacemaker, they fulfill their tasks. As level sensors with float they are used to control and display tank fillings, flow sensors for flow control in pipes with liquids and gases.

Design of Reed sensors

The core product of Reed sensors is of course the Reed switch. This is encapsulated e.g. by two components of epoxy resin adhesive in a housing. Before the Reed switch is installed in the housing, in most cases cables are soldered on in order to be able to contact the Reed switch after casting. The contacting of the cables can be done by hundreds of different plugs, which are also often already attached by masetec.

Basic design of a Reed sensor

Functionality of Reed sensors / Reed switches

Reed sensors have four function types. These consist of two flexible, magnetizable Reeds. Under the influence of a magnetic field the contact surfaces touch each other. Thus current flows through the switch.

Normally, normally closed contacts can be realized in two ways: Either a change-over contact is used, but only the normally closed contact is soldered, or an external magnet is attached to a normally open contact, which keeps the Reed contact closed. The reed contact opens when an external magnet with a different polarity approaches the Reed contact.

The tongue of the changer touches a normally closed contact without magnetic field and a normally open contact in active position.



Different Reed switch forms


Closer | SPST-NO


Opener | SPST-NC

Form-B (2)

Opener| SPST-NC


Switch | SPDT



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Advantages of Reed sensors

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Due to the construction with glass cover before protected against corrosion and external influences
  • High temperature tolerance from -65 to 150°C

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