Magnet assemblies

Magnet assemblies

For an easy assembly masetec also supplies magnets in already finished magnet assemblies. In this case you will receive the magnet completed with non-magnetic components – for a much easier installation. Our product range includes magnet systems in tubular and flanged housings with NdFeB or hard ferrite magnets. Depending on your requirements, you can also obtain AlNiCo or SmCo magnets.

We create your own magnet assembly

Would you like a housing adapted to your application? Materials for water or oil, low or high temperatures? Then we will develop and realize the perfect magnet assembly for you.

Tubular threaded

magnetic coupling

Pot magnet I

Pot magnet II

Pot magnet III & IV

Pot magnet V

Pot magnet VI

Pin magnet I

Pin magnet II

Hook magnet I

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