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You have any questions? +49 (0) 9187 706 93 40

Micro Magnets

Micro Magnets

Barely visible components with gigantic power: micromagnets – sometimes smaller than 0.25 mm in diameter – can be installed in intricate sensor systems and perform just as well as the big ones. At masetec you can get micro magnets which we design and manufacture especially for you.

Small works best with this

NdFeB magnets are best suited for micro designs. Due to their stable and high magnetic effect at low heat development, they are particularly powerful even at the smallest size. This is why they are often used for sensor technology. But they are also used in larger environments such as wind turbines. Due to their high adhesive strength even at small sizes, they are extremely effective even in the smallest format.

We produce your micromagnet

Do you have your own ideas about how your micromagnet should be designed? Let us know and we will produce it for you – even in a surprisingly small quantity.

All types of micro magnets

can be downloaded here as an overview.

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