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Flow Sensors

Flow sensors from masetec

Whether in instantaneous water heaters or in industry in general, flow sensors or switches provide more safety and accuracy. They can measure flow purely quantitatively, determine mixing ratios of different substances or simply trigger an indication whether a flow is taking place or not.

Functional Principle Application Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

Flow measurement 1

Yes / No

Liquid rises to the top if float with magnet at height of Reed switch > Signal

Flow measurement 2

How much rotation
(Liquid > how much liquid flows through, e.g. water meter, quantity is measured)

How does a flow sensor work?

For flow sensors or switches the Reed contact is the switching element and once understood the principles of the flow sensor are quickly explained. But attention: With Reed based sensors there are two types of flow sensors. On the one hand, in many applications only the flow of a liquid at a certain pressure is queried (switch) and on the other hand, how much (sensor).

The two operating modes

In the case of the switch, the magnet is installed in a floating body which rises at a certain water pressure and switches the external sensor with Reed contact. In the case of the sensor, the magnet is built into an impeller that starts to rotate depending on the quantity and pressure. Thus the magnet switches the external Reed contact or sensor with each rotation. A logic can then detect the quantity that has flowed through the sensor based on the number of switching operations. Of course there are other parameters that play a role but the principle is explained.

Vertical flow rate

Horizontal flow rate

Flow Sensors

Examples for application areas

  • Detection of the required amount of water in the dishwasher
  • Detection of the defined amount of water in the washing machine
  • Detection whether water flow takes place in the flow heater

Durchflussmessung 1

Ja / Nein

Flüssigkeit steigt nach oben, wenn Schwimmer mit Magnet in Höhe des Reedschalters > Signal

Durchflussmessung 2

Wieviel Rotation
(Flüssigkeit > wieviel Flüssigkeit fließt durch, z.B. Wasseruhr, Menge wird gemessen)