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Alternative Energies

masetec solutions for alternative energies

For development, production and operation around alternative energies as well as energy saving systems masetec offers many solutions in the fields of sensor technology and magnetics. As the possibilities are almost unlimited, we would be pleased to advise you about customized solutions.




Magnetic power transmission

Position / Switching

The magnet is built into the door, when the door opens, the switch opens and the light in the refrigerator goes on.


With the help of Reed or Hall sensors, the rotations are checked or queried in countless applications. Either it is about counting the number of rotations or in general to check if a rotation is taking place.

This includes applications such as speed measurement in e-bikes, bicycles or motorcycles as well as monitoring the rotation/revolution of a spray arm in a dishwasher.

Level 1

Removable tank
with float

Level 2

Fixed tank, side mounting
with level-side sensor

Level 3

Fixed tank
with Level-Top-Sensor

Magnetic power transmission

The magnetic coupling is used to transmit power from the motor to the drive shaft without direct contact.

Blinds and shutters

For the position detection of roller shutters or venetian blinds, we offer you the appropriate sensor technology on Reed and/or Hall basis. For example the sensors of the MMS-4 series are used here.

Solar modules

For the detection of the end position when solar modules reach their maximum position, masetec offers high-quality position sensors: for example the sensor MMS-304.

Wind power plants

The contactless power transmission in wind power plants and the detection of rotation is an ideal application for magnetic couplings from the masetec range.

Weather measuring stations

Sensors for the detection of rotation on reed or reverb basis from masetec are perfectly suited for the determination of wind speed in weather measuring stations, such as the sensors of the MMS-4 series.

Reed sensors – Tubular Threaded

Here you find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Tubular Threaded MMS-3 series.

Reed sensors – THT

Here you find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the THT MMS-4 series.

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Position / Schalten

Der Magnet ist in der Tür verbaut, wenn die Türe aufgeht, öffnet der Schalter und das Licht im Kühlschrank geht an.

Rotation / Anzahl Umdrehungen / Geschwindigkeit

Rotation: Mithilfe der Reedsensoren werden bei Autos z.B. folgende Dinge gemessen:
Drehzahl, Position Cabriodach, Füllstand Spritzwasser

Bei Fahrrädern / Motorrädern:
Geschwindigkeit, gefahrene Kilometer etc.

Niveau 1

herausnehmbarer Tank mit Schwimmer

Niveau 2

fester Tank, seitliche Montage mit Level-Side-Sensor

Niveau 3

fester Tank mit Level-Top-Sensor

magnetische Kraftübertragung

Die Magnetkupplung wird verwendet, um die Kraft vom Motor zur Antriebswelle ohne direkte Berührung zu übertragen.