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Hard Ferrite Magnets

Hard Ferrite Magnets (Ferrites)


Magnets made of ceramic materials are used most frequently worldwide because they are versatile, corrosion resistant and inexpensive. masetec offers you a wide range of hard ferrite magnets.

Use of hard ferrite magnets

Because of their low price and safe handling, hard ferrite magnets are particularly popular for use in the household – for example, for table magnets. These insensitive magnets are also used in electronics, electrical engineering, the automotive industry, medical technology and many other industries.

Construction of hard ferrite magnets

Hard ferrite magnets are made of iron oxide and barium carbonate or strontium carbonate.

Production of hard ferrite magnets

There are two processes for the production of hard ferrite magnets: Isotropic hard ferrite magnets are produced by finely grinding, granulating, pressing in a magnetic field and sintering the raw materials. Anisotropic magnets are produced by means of dry or wet pressing processes. In the wet pressing process, the alloy powder is mixed with liquid to form an emulsion and injected into the pressing tool via filling channels. During the subsequent compaction under the influence of a magnetic field, part of the liquid is sucked off. The remaining moisture must be removed by air or oven drying before sintering. The more complex wet pressing process achieves higher magnetic properties.

Coatings on hard ferrite magnets

As hard ferrite magnets are heat and corrosion resistant, a coating is not necessary. Furthermore, a coating would increase the low price of hard ferrite magnets unreasonably.

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Advantages of hard ferrite magnets

  • Favourable price-performance ratio
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Withstand temperatures between -40 and 250°C

Caution with hard ferrite magnets

  • Limited adhesive strength
  • Not too shock or impact resistant
  • Diamond tool required for machining

Safety Instructions

Here you can find out what you have to pay attention to when handling magnets – just download the pdf file.


Download our information sheet about magnetisation as pdf-file here.

Selection Guide Magnets

Our practical information sheet will help you select the right magnets.