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Hall Technology

Hall technology at masetec

Hall sensors work completely contact-free. They are therefore wear-free and therefore score points with a practically unlimited service life. In applications with high switching frequencies, they perform outstandingly well due to their robust mode of operation.

Numerous possibilities

Our hall sensors at a glance

Use of Hall sensors

The use of Hall sensors has increased enormously in recent years. Hall sensors are used in practically all industries. In the automotive sector, for example, they detect the position of the gearshift lever in automatic transmissions. In the household sector, for example, they determine the amount of water in a coffee machine. In industry, they measure magnetic flux densities. Thanks to their small size and the possibility of countless housing designs, Hall sensors can be used anywhere to demonstrate their fascinating capabilities.

Design of Hall sensors

Hall sensors consist of thin crystalline semiconductor layers. These are usually equipped with four electrodes on the sides. Current is fed in through two opposite electrodes, the other two electrodes are used to decrease the voltage.

Functions of Hall sensors

A Hall sensor measures voltage changes in the magnetic field to detect the position of (ferromagnetic) objects – depending on whether they are approaching or moving away. The output signal of the Hall sensor corresponds to the density of a magnetic field around the device and is output as a square wave signal. An electric current flows through its semiconductor material, generating a magnetic field. In the vicinity of an external magnet, the magnetic flux exerts force on the semiconductor material in the Hall sensor and sets the electrons in motion. The measurable Hall voltage thus generated activates the Hall sensor.

Functional principle of the Hall effect

Advantages of Hall sensors

  • Extremely long service life
  • Safe for use in high-speed sensors
  • Allow constructions in small sizes

Overview Hall Sensors

Keep track of the infinite application possibilities of Hall sensors – with our Hall sensor overview.


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