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Reed switches

Reed switches from masetec

Reed switches are highly interesting components, especially in today’s world where many applications have to manage with less and less power. This is because they operate independently of the power supply. The multitude of variants opens up endless possibilities – please contact us for advice.

Numerous possibilities

Our reed switches at a glance

Use of Reed switches

Without knowing it, you encounter the Reed switch almost daily: in the kitchen as an alarm contact when the water tank of the coffee machine has to be refilled, in the car when the display asks to refill the windshield wiper water or in the office, hidden in countless fire alarms. Every year, over one billion reed contacts are installed worldwide. Whenever a fill level or position needs to be monitored, there is a very good chance that this is done with the help of reed technology.

Design of reed switches

In a Reed switch, two contact tongues consisting of ferromagnetic material are hermetically sealed in a glass tube under an inert atmosphere (e.g. nitrogen). The contact tabs form an air gap in the contact area within the glass body. For a better switching behavior, the two tabs are coated with ruthenium, rhodium or iridium in the so-called contact zone.

Basic design of a form A switch

Function Reed switch

The contact reeds of a Reed switch assume an opposite polarity if the magnetic field is sufficiently strong. This causes the contact to close and triggers a reaction.



Different Reed switch forms


Closer | SPST-NO


Opener | SPST-NC

Form-B (2)

Opener | SPST-NC


Switch | SPDT



Your customized Reed switch

To make the installation of a Reed switch easier for you, we offer countless modifications.

Cutting / SMT T&R


Cutting & Bending

SMT / Helix T&R

Advantages of Reed switches

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Protected from corrosion and external influences by the glass shell construction
  • High temperature tolerance from -65 to 150°C
  • High switching distances possible
  • Independent of power supply
  • Well definable limit values

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