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Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Samarium-cobalt magnets (SmCo)


The high-energy magnets composed of samarium and cobalt have a high temperature stability and moisture resistance. A large selection of SmCo magnets can be found at masetec.

Use of SmCo magnets

Due to their high heat resistance, SmCo magnets are mainly used for operating temperatures between 150 and 300°C. They can also be found in high-quality motors, generators, machines and technical equipment.

Design of SmCo magnets

SmCo magnets consist of samarium and cobalt. A distinction is made between two alloys: SmCo5 magnets have a samarium content of about 36%. Sm2Co17 consist of about 25% samarium. These magnets often contain additional iron and copper.

Production of SmCo magnets

The raw material samarium makes SmCo magnets relatively expensive, because it is rare and difficult to mine. The largest known deposit is found in Western Australia. The components of the SmCo magnets are ground and then pressed and sintered under high pressure in a magnetic field.

Coatings on SmCo magnets

The composition of the alloys makes a coating basically superfluous. However, depending on the intended use, plastic coating is worthwhile. This makes the surface less sensitive to impact.

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Corrosion Resistance


Resistance to demagnetization


Mechanical strength


Temperature coefficient


Advantages of SmCo magnets

  • Heat resistant up to 250°C (SmCo5) and 350°C (Sm2Co17)
  • High electrical resistance
  • Difficult to demagnetize
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Extremely durable

Caution with SmCo magnets

  • More cost intensive than others magnet types in the acquisition
  • Shock sensitive
  • Splinters sharp-edged – protective clothing recommended for handling

Safety Instructions

Here you can find out what you have to pay attention to when handling magnets – just download the pdf file.


Download our information sheet about magnetisation as pdf-file here.

Selection Guide Magnets

Our practical information sheet will help you select the right magnets.

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