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A float is an elementary component of level sensors. These Reed based sensors measure the level of containers, indicate them or react to high or low levels. They are used in all areas of life from industry to household.

Numerous possibilities

Our floats at a glance

Functional concept of level monitoring


Level 1

Removable tank
with float

Level 2

Fixed tank, side mounting
with level-side sensor

Level 3

Fixed tank
with Level-Top-Sensor

How is a float constructed?

Floats with integrated magnet are available in countless shapes, dimensions and materials. With the structure one differentiates usually three variations. On the one hand the “foamed” version, the “foamed-in” and the so-called hollow body version. Each type has advantages and disadvantages in certain applications.

foamed version

foamed-in version

Hollow body version

We have the right material for every area. Whether PP, PA, NBR, SUS316, SUS316L or ABS. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Example of applications

  • Level monitoring in tank systems
  • Level monitoring of the disinfecting liquid in disinfection plants
  • Detection of the amount of rinse aid or salt in the dishwasher
  • Fuel gauges in motor vehicles

Niveau 1

herausnehmbarer Tank mit Schwimmer

Niveau 2

fester Tank, seitliche Montage mit Level-Side-Sensor

Niveau 3

fester Tank mit Level-Top-Sensor