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Building security begins outside and ends in detail. For all concerns of security in the environment and inside of buildings, sensors based on Reed and Hall technology such as position sensors and rotation sensors from masetec offer suitable solutions.





Position / Switching

The magnet is built into the door, when the door opens, the switch opens and the light in the refrigerator goes on.


With the help of Reed or Hall sensors, the rotations are checked or queried in countless applications. Either it is about counting the number of rotations or in general to check if a rotation is taking place.

This includes applications such as speed measurement in e-bikes, bicycles or motorcycles as well as monitoring the rotation/revolution of a spray arm in a dishwasher.

Contactless switching – activation of a smoke detector

The magnet is installed in the fixed component of the smoke detector. The smoke detector is activated by turning the housing in which the Reed switch is installed until the switch and magnet are above each other.

Building security

For the security of buildings, masetec offers position sensors in alarm systems on doors and windows as well as in drives for garage doors, sliding gates or rolling gates. Rotation sensors ensure the exact counting of terrain or building access at turnstiles and doors. Flange, Tubular Threaded and THT sensors are used here.

Security in buildings and rooms

At air conditioning systems in hotels masetec sensors for example ensure the position detection of the window position. Vital installations like fire detectors or smoke detectors can be activated, switched and tested with THT sensor technology on Reed or Hall basis.

Reed sensors - Flange

Here you can find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Flange MMS-1 series.

Reed sensors – Tubular​

Here you can find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Tubular MMS-2 series.

Reed sensors – THT

Here you find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the THT MMS-4 series.

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