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masetec solutions for medical facilities

The health care sector is actively supported by position sensors, switching sensors and level sensors from masetec. This starts with barrier-free access to medical facilities and extends from the equipment to sophisticated medical devices. Of course we also manufacture special solutions according to your individual requirements.




Magnetic power transmission

Position / Switching

The magnet is built into the door, when the door opens, the switch opens and the light in the refrigerator goes on.

Contactless switching – activation of a smoke detector

The magnet is installed in the fixed component of the smoke detector. The smoke detector is activated by turning the housing in which the Reed switch is installed until the switch and magnet are above each other.

Level 1

Removable tank
with float

Level 2

Fixed tank, side mounting
with level-side sensor

Level 3

Fixed tank
with Level-Top-Sensor

Magnetic power transmission

The magnetic coupling is used to transmit power from the motor to the drive shaft without direct contact.


Position sensors from masetec (e.g. MMS-101, MMS-103, MMS-205 and MMS-305) ensure the smooth operation of systems such as wheelchair ramps or stair lifts.


The functionality of dental chairs or hospital beds is guaranteed by position sensors. Level sensors from masetec (MMS-101 and MMS-401) also perform their services in disinfection plants, for example.

Medical equipment

Not least for the operation of vital devices such as pacemakers, reliable sensors based on Reed and Hall are indispensable.

Reed sensors - Flange

Here you can find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Flange MMS-1 series.

Reed sensors – Tubular​

Here you can find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Tubular MMS-2 series.

Reedsensoren – Tubular Threaded

Here you find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the Tubular Threaded MMS-3 series.

Reed sensors – THT

Here you find an overview of masetec Reed sensors of the THT MMS-4 series.

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Position / Schalten

Der Magnet ist in der Tür verbaut, wenn die Türe aufgeht, öffnet der Schalter und das Licht im Kühlschrank geht an.

Berührungslos Schalten Aktivierung eines Rauchmelders

Der Magnet ist in dem festen Bauteil des Rauchmelders verbaut. Dreht man die hellgraue Scheibe mit dem Reedschalter bis Schalter und Magnet übereinander stehen, ist der Rauchmelder aktiviert wird das rote Licht grün und der Rauchmelder aktiv.

Niveau 1

herausnehmbarer Tank mit Schwimmer

Niveau 2

fester Tank, seitliche Montage mit Level-Side-Sensor

Niveau 3

fester Tank mit Level-Top-Sensor

magnetische Kraftübertragung

Die Magnetkupplung wird verwendet, um die Kraft vom Motor zur Antriebswelle ohne direkte Berührung zu übertragen.