New Hall position sensors: Maximum flexibility. Minimum delivery time.


Flexibly configurable, quickly available – new Hall sensors from masetec.


Advantages and applications: What’s in 3.22 cm2 of installation space.


Who is behind it? Three questions for General Manager Morris Wilisch.

Select, order, get started: Our Hall sensors.

The flange-mountable, unipolar miniature Hall-effect sensors from masetec are available with two different Hall chips as standard, which are identical in construction to the Littelfuse 55100/55140 series. This means that they can be integrated into existing applications without any problems, and recertification is not necessary.

The special plus: We deliver within the shortest possible time.

Thus, a 2-wire model (current output) and a 3-wire model (voltage output) are available,

each with two sensitivity ranges (medium and high) are available. They are switchable up to 28 VDC, offer a choice of digital or analog outputs and are particularly suitable for applications in harsh environments. Cable lengths, connection options (e.g. connector of choice), housing, housing mounting as well as screw or adhesive mounting are flexibly configurable.

For more information, please refer to our product data sheet – or contact us with an inquiry about your customizing solution.

* Delivery time varies depending on quantity, customization and order receipt.

Who is behind it? Three questions for Morris Wilisch.

Question: masetec has been operating for four years in a market where there are already numerous providers. Why?

Answer: I have been in the magnetics & sensing business all my professional life. Yes, there are many large suppliers and distributors. But what does not exist is a company that focuses on the SMEs of this world. A company that consults, provides individual solutions or even offers small quantities of standard products. That is exactly what masetec is.

Question: What does individual solution mean?

Answer: With us, you don’t have to settle for 08/15 – we offer customer-specific sensor technology, as far as technically feasible. With the new Hall sensors, we can use any suitable Hall chip that the customer wants. There are also no limits for the housings, because custom packaging means for us that we can realize the desired housing with low tooling costs.

Question: Customizing needs consulting. So why are you launching a web store?

Answer: For example, if you only need a few sensors in product development, ordering from many suppliers is impossible. Or you’re in the wholesale business, so you don’t get any support. With us in the webshop, you can order small quantities easily and cost-effectively – and if a question arises, we are there for our customers.

A lot of function in the smallest space: A sensor for tough cases.

If position and limit detection with limit switching, speed and flow measurement or commutation of brushless DC motors are required, Hall sensors provide the desired information. They offer a high switching speed of up to 12 kHz, require little installation space at 3.22 cm2 and function in a static or dynamic magnetic field.

They are also very robust (vibration up to 50 g at 50 to 2,000 Hz, shock up to 150 g at 11 ms ½ sine wave) and durable (up to 20 billion switching operations). This means that applications such as door control for dishwashers and washing machines or position control of a washing machine drum are no problem – in other words, areas where things are a bit rougher.


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