Position control industrial dishwasher

Position control industrial dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers must be fast and reliable because they are used in locations where hygiene is particularly important. As they are very expensive, they should also be maintenance-free and durable. These requirements pose particular challenges even in the development phase, because even the smallest components perform important tasks in the complex design. And exactly for these parts a developer finds in masetec the partner who brings his project to the home stretch.

Project example 001 - September 7, 2020

Industrial kitchens


Hood dishwasher


Hood position control

Project group

Reed sensory



Project launch

December 2018

Supply of first prototypes

January 2019

Ready for series production including toolmaking and various initial samples

August 2019

Position monitoring


Two individual Reed sensors are installed to control the position of the dishwasher hood (open/closed).


The developer of a commercial hood-type dishwasher had to work with two standard sensors from the market (not from masetec) because of its not very large required quantity. In his development the two sensors are located directly below each other and should switch one after the other, the upper one before the lower one.

As the AW value is not exactly defined in the standard product used, the developer of the hood dishwasher had to test the sensors for their correct positioning before each test run and each time they had to be installed with a different positioning, as otherwise there was the possibility of incorrect switching.

This cost him a lot of time and of course money. The developer turned to masetec with his problem. We discussed this problem with him on site and in detail and presented him a solution within a very short time.


The new masetec customer behaved very openly and gave us exact information. So we were able to develop a new housing adapted to the special requirements of the hood-type dishwasher, in which two Reed switches are already installed.

Due to the sensitivity of these Reed switches, which we defined, a wrong switching is impossible. In addition, our customer gets his sensors already attached with a plug, so that this only has to be installed in the application and can function according to the plug and play principle.


After a reliable test phase, the customer successfully launched its innovative hood-type dishwasher on the market and is now developing a new product. For the necessary sensor technology he trusts again in products and service of masetec.

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